Spotify finally launches in the Middle East and North Africa regions

spotify middle east

It has been anticipated for quite some time now, but, Spotify has finally launched in the Middle East along with North Africa i.e. the MENA region.

This launch has been anticipated by music lovers for a few months now especially after Spotify posted the requirement for a customer relationship manager in the MENA region. With this launch, Spotify is now offering a complete Arabic music experience which can be tuned to an individual’s personal taste.

With a growing community of over 191 million music fans, Spotify offers a free ad-supported service as well as a premium ad-free service. In Egypt, users can now upgrade to Spotify Premium for only EGP 49.99 per month. Apart from Egypt Spotify has announced its services in 12 other markets including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Morocco but not Yemen, Libya, Iraq or Syria, as per Al Ahram.

Cecelia Qvist, Spotify’s Global Head of Markets said – “I am super excited to share with you that, from today, Spotify is now available across the Middle East and North Africa. Spotify is launching in MENA with a full Arabic service, dozens of locally-curated playlists for every mood and moment, and access to a full catalog of millions of songs, for both our free and premium users. Music fans will also enjoy Spotify’s personalized music recommendations from day one, which will help them to enjoy, discover and share new music from both local and international artists simply and easily.”

Spotify will allow its users to not only browse, discover and curate playlists but, build their own music collection and share their music with their friends and families. With a catalog of 40 million songs and 3 billion playlists which is available to free and premium subscribers, Spotify is taking the MENA region by storm with their comprehensive selection of local and international music.

Well, there is also competition in the market namely Anghami which is Mena’s own Lebanese music streaming platform which launched in 2012. Makes us wonder if Spotify is going to take over MENA’s homegrown music streaming app. What do you think?

For people from the MENA region, access the service here.

Well, it goes without saying that Spotify will be providing instant access to a wide range of local playlists which are expertly curated and regularly updated by Spotify’s team of musical experts. Some playlists include Top Arabic hits, Oriental Chill vibes, and Arabic EDM, alongside fan-built Spotify playlists. We are completely stoked with Spotify’s expansion and can’t wait for more such launches. Where do you think is Spotify going to launch next?

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Paridhi Bhatiya


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