Djakarta Warehouse Project drops Phase One line-up

Welcoming a record-breaking 90,000 guests in 2016 alone, the Djakarta Warehouse Project became the largest two-day event in Asia last year. Now gearing up for i...

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A music producer, mixer, and engineer from Nashville, Tennessee, KELLR creates fresh, unique instrumentals and songs rooted in electronic, pop and hip-hop.


After record breaking 350,000 attendance, EXIT Festival announce dates and early bird tickets for 2018

EXIT Festival’s Summer of Love was a huge success, gathering over 350,000 people from more than 90 countries to a run of four consecutive festivals, Sea S...


T.H.E Interview – Rodg & Ruben De Ronde

What can we say about Ruben De Ronde and Rodg? The two Dutch Powerhouses recently collaborated for a collective album, Togetherr, which released last month.

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Don’t Let Daddy Know UK

The widely acclaimed dance concept Don’t Let Daddy Know will go to the USN Bolton Arena in Greater Manchester on Saturday 7th October 2017.

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